GT Kingmaker

The story so far...

How to capture over a year in 500 words or less

It’s been a busy time for our heroes. When they first set out from Restov, they probably had little idea what was truly in store for them. After covering thousands of square miles of land, meting out frontier justice to the bandits in the region, bringing an end to a “war in miniature” between kobolds and mites, and eating more trail rations than a stomach would ever want, they did it – they founded a new settlement: Stag Hold.

While the first year of leadership had its ups and downs (hey, no plagues!), a power is afoot in the Stolen Lands, working against our fledgling kingdom. A tribe of trolls had been causing all manner of ruckus in the area, so our intrepid leaders headed once more into the wilds to bring peace to their future lands. Yet hours after the sacking of the trolls’ stronghold, an ancient dwarven fort, a greater power revelaed herself: Nyrissa, self-proclaimed fey queen of the Stolen Lands. She launched a final wave of trolls at the party, at the same time insinuating that a greater threat was already on its way to their small city.

Nyrissa vanished in the chaos of the combat with the trolls, and now, the race is on to get home…


JasonLillis JasonLillis

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