GT Kingmaker

The adventure resumes!

Campaign Journal from 8/18/2014

The party recovered from their troll fight, and set off on a desperate flight through the trees to get back to the threatened doom against their capital. Keeping to the most direct route home, the party was ambushed by a forest drake, who seemed to target Rainbow as the source of his ire. The party dispatched it, and discovered the beast’s lair (and treasures).

Continuing on, they came quite close to the territory of the Lizardfolk. They heard the screams of a child in danger, but bartering with the Lizardfolk for the child ended in blows when lizard king Vesket emerged and brought the pain. Though the party prevailed, they yet needed to free the child from the clutches of the Spirit of Stisshak – a will-o’-wisp grown enormous on the fear given off by the child. Though the creature was quick and difficult to strike, the party landed sufficient blows that it disappeared, and did not reappear again.

The next day they raced home, to find that an enormous owlbear was laying waste to their capital! Will they be able to defeat such a monster?


JasonLillis JasonLillis

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